8 Ways to make money online in Bhutan

8 Ways to make money online in Bhutan
8 online job in Bhutan to earn passive income
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Did you ever think that you can make money online in Bhutan by leveraging your free time in something valuable that ultimately help you in earning some online income? If so, then you have to check out the right blog post. Here I have shared my real experience on ways to make money online in Bhutan and how much revenue I have generated so far.

Also, in this pandemic era, many people are left jobless or paid half of their normal salary in Bhutan. So, I personally feel that every individual needs to figure out multiple sources from where they can earn passive income every single month.

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Top 8 Ways to make money online in Bhutan

1. Freelancing

Fiverr payment Bhutanese
My two-month payout from fiverr.com working as a freelancer from Bhutan

Freelancing is the ultimate way to make fast money from Bhutan. So what is freelancing? It is a platform where people can render their skill on someone’s work and get paid after the successful completion of their client request.  At present, there are 3 genuine websites Fiverr.com, upwork.com, and freelancer.com that offer freelance work to people with various skills. Fiverr has amazing UI, is user-friendly, and is easy to set up your GIG. Signing up and Setting up a profile is normal like other sites but here they check your English proficiency by letting you take a simple grammatical test. To pass you need to get 7 out of 10. After that you can create your Gig (The skill you have), if you don’t know how to create Gig, do check out on YouTube there are tons of videos available.

So many people might be thinking how do I get paid?

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In Fiverr you can withdraw your money in 3 ways;

  • Paypal (Doesn’t support in Bhutan)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Fiverr Revenue Card

Paypal is not supported in Bhutan so you can choose Bank transfer or else Fiverr Revenue card.  In my case, I choose the card as my default payment gateway.  Then you need to connect your account with Payoneer by submitting your present address. Shortly after 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive a Payoneer prepaid master card to withdraw your money from any ATM terminals in Bhutan.

Many Bhutanese wanted to know is Payoneer available in Bhutan?

Yes, the Payoneer master card can be used in Bhutan. Payoneer card is supported in all the Banks of Bhutan.

2. Blogging

Google adsense Payment for Bhutanese blogger
I made $128.23 from my blog using Google Adsense

Many Bhutanese people think building websites and blogging required high-end coding ability but let me tell you I have zero knowledge of code but still I run two websites and made $300 plus so far. Developing a website is not rocket science, thanks to WordPress(best content management system) so far. You can build amazing websites using reliable hosting like Bluehost, customizing the layout, and connecting your domain to a server.   Also, it is easy to publish an article in the correct SEO format in WordPress by integrating plugins like Yoast/ Rank Math.

Once your websites get decent organic traffic apply for Google AdSense. After approval you need to embed Google ad code inside your <head></head> section.  Then ads will appear on your sites.

AdSense works on CPC (cost per click) and CPM (Cost per impression) basis.  If your visitors are from western countries like the USA, UK then you get high CPC but if you get Asian traffic CPC is very low.

3. Make money online in Bhutan as a YouTuber

Not a lot of people know this but you can actually make money With YouTube. If you are planning to start a new channel on YouTube, first you need to know certain things to get monetized. Your channel needs 4k watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Earning money on YouTube is limitless as long as you make videos and upload them on YouTube. The more views you get the more revenue you make.

4. Sponsor Post

Sponsor post is nothing but when your site becomes more authoritative(with High Domain Authority) in the eye of Google then automatically Google will push your blog post higher on SERP, that way you will get massive traffic on your site.   Therefore, many web owners will approach you to publish their article on your site, link back to their post/page and pay you a certain amount.

If you are running any website or blog always try to keep it clean, what I mean is that try to write good quality plagiarism-free content as we all know that content is the King.

For example, one people visit your website, read a certain paragraph but didn’t like the article as he finds it irrelevant to what he was searching for, so he will instantly tap on the back button that increases your site’s bounce rate. A higher bounce rate will affect your article ranking higher in Google.

5.Facebook In-stream Ads

Similar to YouTube Facebook too offer creators to make money online with their videos by placing ads.  For monetization of your page, the creator needs to comply with Facebook policy for partnership.

The requirement for Facebook video monetization

  • Create 3 minute + videos and upload on your business page not profile page
  • Your Page need at least 10000 follow, 15k engagement in past 60 days
  • You need to be at least 18 years old when you apply for approval.

6. Amazon Kindle

Did you know you can make online money from Bhutan by being Amazon Kindle Contributor?  Writers who know how to play with words have made millions of dollars by selling books/eBook on Amazon.  Little formatting is needed before publishing your content but don’t worry as you can check out tutorials from YouTube.

7. Sell Photos on Shutterstock and make money online in Bhutan

If you are good at photography or by profession you are a photographer then you can make online money by selling your photos on Shutterstock.  If you haven’t heard about Shutterstock then let me highlight a bit, basically, it’s a platform where people can buy or sell digital media such as pictures, music, and videos clip mainly created by freelancers.

Every time someone purchases one of your pictures you get a certain commission usually a couple of cents or a dollar. To make more money on Shutterstock you need to consistently upload high-quality images.

8. Dropshipping

While scrolling your Facebook profile I guess most of you might have seen many eye-catching ads and when you click on that ad you are redirected to a different page, that’s kind of dropshipping.  With dropshipping, you are selling someone else stuff for a smaller or large profit without having to deal with the shipping.

I hope I have written down all the methods to make money online in Bhutan.

Disclaimer: “This post contains an affiliate link and when someone makes any purchase I get a certain commission without any additional cost to buyer”