Brett Conti Age, wikipedia, Girlfriend,Net Worth

Brett Conti switched lives with a billionaire Marc Lore for 24 hours. Marc is a former founder of which Marc sold to Amazon for $600M, then started which he sold to Walmart for $4B.
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The internet is buzzing about Brett Conti. His name seems to be popping up all over the place. However, there may be some of you who have no idea who this man is or what he does for a living.

Wondering who is Brett Conti? Stick around and you will find out all you need to know about Brett Conti and why he has become so famous. You will probably be shocked by his life journey. So, if you don’t know who is Brett? Now is your chance to learn more about this interesting man.

How old is Brett Conti?

Conti’s age is 29, and he was born in June in the year 1992. He is part of the millennial generation which is one of the most interesting generations of modern times.

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How Does Brett Conti Make Money online?

Do you know how he makes so much money every year? This multitalented celebrity earns his money in a few different ways. First, he has a YouTube channel with a huge following. According to the website Social Blade, he makes close to $60,000 a year from video views.

Brett is also one of the most famous skateboard stars of today. He started a company called Fortune Skateboards. He also has other business projects that he earns money from.

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What is Brett Conti’s Networth?

Before he became a famous YouTube star and skateboarder, he worked a boring job in the financial sector. His current net worth is a whopping 1.5 million, which is pretty impressive.

Where has he traveled?

He has travelled to many parts of the world. Two of his most favourite places to visit are Greece and Switzerland. Brett has also been to Mexico, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. These are just a few of the countries he has travelled to. He has documented his travels on his YouTube channel, and these videos are really fun to watch. If you haven’t seen his travel videos, I suggest you check them out.

Who Are Brett Conti’s Parents?

When it comes to his parents, an in-depth internet search did not come up with any answers. This is likely due to the fact that he is a very private person. However, we did find that his grandfather was in the textile industry and influenced Brett’s interest in design.

Who is Brett Conti dating? (Girlfriend)

At the time of this article, there is no indication that Brett Conti has a girlfriend. He has never been engaged or married. Brett likes to keep his personal life private, so this is probably the reason we don’t know who he is dating.

Does he have Any Siblings?

There is little indication that Brett Conti has any siblings however, one online article briefly mentions a sister. While they don’t give her name or age, it appears she is near the same age as Brett. This would mean she is in her mid to late 20s.

What is his Ethnicity?

After searching the internet and reading dozens of biography websites, we could not find his ethnicity. This doesn’t stop some people from speculating on his ethnicity. Some people believe that he is of Western European descent, while others speculate that his relatives are from the middle east.


Now that you know who is Brett Conti? Why not check out his YouTube channel today? You will be amazed at the places he has visited and the things he does on his channel. If you are a skateboard fan, you may also want to check out his skateboarding company.