Buy Samsung Phone from Tashicell Bhutan- Ultimate Guide

Buy Samsung Phone from Tashicell
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Why you should buy Samsung Phone from Tashicell?

Tashicell is one of the best places to buy the latest Samsung Phone at an affordable price. Furthermore, the price of the phone is relatively cheaper as compared to other phone dealers in the country. Not only that, you will be provided with lots of freebies offer like monthly data and a talk-time voucher recharge for at least 6 months.  Also, if you buy Samsung Phone from Tashicell you will get an original phone with a warranty.

Likewise, I have researched online and made a price difference of Samsung Phone between Tashicell and Amazon.

Samsung Mobile/Phone price Difference between Tashicell and Amazon

Sl.noPhone SpecificationAmazon PriceTashicell PricePrice Difference
1 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
2Galaxy Note 2077,9996799010000
3Samsung A5120,99921590591
4Samsung M31s 8GB RAM19,49919,690191
5M31 (8GB, 128GB)16,49918,6902191
6M31s 6GB RAM19,49917,8901609
7M31 (6GB, 128GB)16,49916,190309
8M21 (128 GB)15,99914,5901409
9A21s 128GB17,49914,1903309
10M21 (64 GB)13,99912,9901009
11A20s (64GB)N/A12,190
12A21s 64GB14,99912,1902809
13Samsung Tab A811,99010,9901000
14A20s (32GB)12,90010,4902410
16Samsung A10s10,9988,1902808
18Galaxy M01 Core 32GB5,9995,490509
19Galaxy M01 Core 16GB4,9994590409

If I have left out any information on buying Samsung Phone from Tashicell, please do let us know!