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Beautiful Emily Aisling canoeing in Ontario
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Who is Emily Aisling?

These days a lot of people are diving into the trend of homesteading as a way to be self-dependent and self-sustainable. This is a very good practice and it promotes nature neutralizing the threat of climate change as they get back to the old ways of living. Emily Aisling age 21 living in Ontario Canada does the same.

The way she features nature portrays her life almost like a fairy tale in this magical world. The videos reflect her calm and loving personality while she delicately handles planks while she renovates her cabin. As of 2022, Emily has an estimated net worth of $9000.

Emily Aisling also admits that the recent pandemic events have made her reflect on her values of life and challenged her for the continuous need for growth.

Is emily aisling shawn james daughter?

Emily’s father Shawn James is also a YouTube creator running the popular homesteading channel My Self Reliance. Emily Aisling’s videos have a distinct homestead vibe almost identical to Shawn James’ aesthetics.

The warm loving family also plays a very important part with her mother being the videographer. Emily started the whole project to create a safe minimalistic design, a space for her to relax and spend time in the serenity of nature.

The enticing factor of the channel is that first, she’s only 21 years old building her own cabin. Her voice is calm and her building project inspires many young women all over the globe.

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Is emily aisling married? (Boyfriend)

She is pursuing her degree and is unmarried but Aisling is dating someone.

Net Worth and Income

Emily makes $50 a day which could go up to five hundred dollars a week making about $2000 a month. The numbers fluctuate depending upon the views and with a channel growing at this rate I am sure she‘ll make way more than that.

Emily Aisling joined YouTube on the 14th of March 2021 with her first upload 11 months ago in April. 

Since then she’s gained a total view count of 1.8 million with 12 videos uploaded so far. She has a subscriber count of about 50k at the time of writing. She has an estimated net worth of $9000.

Career and Jobs

She works in the city as a dental assistant, attending university at the same time with YouTube tagging along. This tells her that Emily is a very hardworking lady and does not like to sit around idly.

We would like to wish Emily Aisling success and growth in all her future endeavours and keep motivating us.