How to apply online audit clearance in Bhutan (Ultimate Guide)

online audit clearance in Bhutan
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Are you wondering how to apply for online audit clearance in Bhutan and get an instant audit clearance certificate from RAA (Royal Audit Authority) Bhutan.  

Here I have shared a complete step by step guide to apply online audit clearance in Bhutan.

  1. Click on RAA audit Clearance System
  2. Tap on “Apply menu” ( user registration page will be displayed)
  3. Select Application Type: Government, Corporate or Private along with your Nationality.
  4. Now  type your CID number
  5. Your details information will be displayed on a new page like your Name, Village, Gewog. All data are automatically scraped from the DCRC (Department of Civil Registration and Census) website.
  6. Fill up your employment ID. Regular Employee– Type in employment ID no. assigned from RCSC.  Contract employee– give your EID no. assigned by RCSC.  ESP/GSP your CID will work and in case of foreign ESP/ GSP workers use passport ID.  Finally, for fixed-term use CID.
  7.  After filling up the entire necessary information click “submit” button to forward for verification.
  8. Meanwhile, you can track your application by clicking on “Track Status” Menu and type your Application number like you do while checking your online security clearance in RBP SCS site.
  9. If your application is rejected then you will see “reason for rejection”.  You will see the “Download File” link if your application is approved. Click on the link, your audit clearance certificate will be automatically downloaded in your devices.
  10. That’s all!

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How online audit clearance Bhutan Function?

  • Applicant visits Audit Clearance System online website and submits the application form.
  • Designated officials verify all necessary data and then submit to the Clearance Section to check outstanding.
  • After proper checking, RAA Clearance Section submits the application to a final approver.
  • The final approver verify in details and approve or reject with remarks
  • Then the system automatically generates a downloadable audit clearance certificate.

I hope, I have answered all important queries related to online audit clearance in Bhutan. If you find this article useful, please share with your loved ones!