How to Pay Electricity Bill Through mBOB

How to Pay Electricity Bill Through mBOB
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Pay Electricity Bill Through mBOB

If you are finding it difficult to pay your electricity bills during the nationwide lockdown to avoid unnecessary penalty then you can use mBOB mobile banking app by Bank of Bhutan. Before that, if you don’t know what is the app?

MBOB is a most secure online digital banking app developed by Bank of Bhutan Limited to help the user to get access to their bank account, initiate bills payment, fund transfer, recharge Phones and also check your saving account balance in Bank of Bhutan. The app is made available both in Google play store for android users and Apple store for iPhone users. Download and install it on your phone to use their amazing features.

The app is so convenient as the customer can make bill payment for various services via mBOB and all of them are in real-time.

mBoB registration is too simple if you haven’t installed on your phone.

Note: Use Referal code “mBOB1vsk5lm”

if you are confused about how to pay electricity bills through mBOB no worries, I have shared detail guide below;

  1. Open your mBoB app and log-in
  2. Click on “Bill payments” (right side of the app)
  3. Tap on “Utility Bills payment”
  4. Now, click on “Electricity”
  5. Select your “Source Account” and type your “BPC consumer Number”
  6. Then, your bill amount will be reflected.
  7. Put your T-PIN and make Payment

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There is also another way to pay your electricity bills using “myBPC” app but I found mbob is easier to use.

Do let us know if I have left out any information on How to Pay Electricity Bill Through mBOB