My Self Reliance (Shawn James) Age, Daughter, Wife, Divorce, Net Worth

Picture of My Self reliance Shawn with his two daughter on Algonquin Park
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Shawn James (Age 52) the founder of My Self Reliance YouTube channel is a Canadian Outdoorsman who lives modestly in a log cabin with his golden retriever Cali in the Canadian Woods.

Shawn James was born in Canada on April 10, 1970, making him 52 years old at the time.  He also served in the US Navy before becoming a well-known Canadian outdoor enthusiast and photographer.  He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

James served in Japan a place called Tsuzibo as well as in Texas for a time.

While serving the armed forces for four years he has always given credit to the military for shaping you known the man he is today on My Self Reliance.

He initially went off the grid in 1991 but after acquiring a job and having children. Shawn chose to go into the contracting business still following the recession in 2008.

James lost everything but it was a learning experience for him.

Is Shawn James (My Self Reliance) still married? Daughter name

There is no information online about Shawn’s divorce but we believe he is divorced after being married for 23 years.  He has two beautiful daughters Emily Aisling and Avery Thompson.

Emily is also a YouTube creator who makes similar videos to his father Shawn James. She has  64000 subscribers as of 2022.

My Self Reliance (Bio and Wikipedia)

When Shawn James was in his early twenties he gave up everything and started a completely different life.

He is ranked in the elite list of famous celebrities born in Canada.

James built and sold businesses that have helped him to retire at 41.

Building log cabin

Shawn‘s adventure to build his log cabin by himself was by far the most spectacular of all the things he did on my self reliance including chopping down the tree and putting the finishing touches on.

He was the sole one responsible for everything.

During his leisure time, you can find him working on construction projects and spending time in the great outdoors where he enjoys hiking, fishing and hunting.

Where is the My Self reliance cabin located?

Shawn builds his log cabin from scratch on his own 20-acre plot of property outside of Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.

Net Worth and Income sources

He joined YouTube in April of 2013 and as of today, James had over 2 million subscribers from 488 videos so far. My Self Reliance YouTube channel has made him a household name among outdoor enthusiasts.

On a daily basis, his channel receives an average of 300000 views from a variety of sources.

To put it another way, the advertising shown on the videos is expected to produce an estimated $2400 each day $80080 annually. He is expected to be worth more than $2 million as of 2022.

Shawn James is entirely self neither sufficient nor he rely on the government for assistance.