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Volpe Where Are You Carlos and Davidsbeenhere enjoying $23 indian buffet along with free beer in barbequenation kolkata.
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Who is Volpe Where Are You?

Carlos Volpe, and his wife Sophie, are the inspirational, world-travelling voices behind the YouTube channel, “Volpe Where Are You?” An American citizen of Venezuelan descent, Carlos was brought up in Miami, Florida, and used his life savings to ditch the 9 to 5 and travel. 

When we say travel, we mean it in every sense of the word. Carlos and Sophie travel all over the world, posting new video updates consistently on their YouTube channel. Their Vlog has drawn so many subscribers that the net worth of the channel has grown to $364,860.

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Where Do They Travel To? (Volpe Where Are You)

The better question may be, Where do they not travel to?

Their YouTube channel contains 180 videos with over 600k subscribers and they’ve been everywhere from South Africa to Chernobyl (yeah, that nuclear fallout disaster from the HBO show). 

Volpe has a playlist in which he does a series for each place in the world that he and his wife are visiting. He will do a number of Vlogs and you can find them here. 

As far as his Vlogs are updated, Carlos has been to Mexico, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Egypt, the Phillippines, and the Netherlands.  

Carlos has always been open about living his dream life of travelling from place to place like Kurt Caz and he has put together a pretty informative methodology that lays out the blueprint for how others can follow in his footsteps.

After all, he started with roughly $30k in his bank account and hasn’t stopped since. 

How Do They Afford It?

Carlos did an interview for the Million Mile Secrets Blog in 2018 where he stated, “Thanks to miles and points we were able to achieve our dream of quitting our jobs to pursue our passion and explore the world!”

Carlos and his wife Sophie are big believers in earning miles and points through credit cards. After making enough money through their Vlog, they were able to purchase specific credit cards that are generous with the reward miles and points, which translates into a lot of freedom. 

They also eschew traditional means of overnight stays and embrace the Airbnb life and tend to stay away from overly expensive hotels for a single night, opting to stay at cheaper hotels for multiple nights. 

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of his Vlog, it’s hard to argue with his methods because it clearly works and, as Carlos himself wants others to understand, it’s a whole lot simpler and cost-effective than you realize. 

Every trip is carefully planned and plotted so that Carlos and Sophie can maximize their points and reward miles to the fullest extent possible. Of course, they’ve learned as they’ve gone along, which is a major point in his Vlogs, so that you don’t have to. 

What Are Carlos Volpes’ Interests In Traveling?

Carlos’ primary interests are in simply seeing the world, exploring the vastness of the earth’s geographical wonders, the culture of its people, and the wonder of seeing things for the first time. 

He also has an intense interest in football—his version of football, which is soccer, not American football. Often, many of his Vlogs will be focused solely on football games that he and his wife are attending in whatever country they happen to be in at the time.

Carlos and his wife still get home for the holidays as much as they can. Like everything else in their wild and ongoing adventure, they have to carefully plan it out so they can make it home periodically to spend time with family and friends.

Volpe Where Are You All Things Considered

Carlos Volpe and his wife Sophie are prime examples of how to live your dreams and accomplish them without having to be rich.

They’re a living example of how you can do it too if you dare to be adventurous, get out, and see everything the world has to offer.